BTpedia – BT’s corporate wiki

I have posted before about simple steps to setting up a wiki and the next stages when it is established.  I thought it would help if I showed you where BTpedia is now.

BTpedia was created in 2007.  Beta testing with users has led to a small application becoming a critical place for people to share how to do things in BT.

Without advertising or publicity it has grown to over 2,000 articles and is linked from the BT Homepage and searched like other content areas.

I have some slides with examples of how BTpedia is now.  They show:

  1. BTpedia linked directly from BT Homepage, top level of BT’s intranet.
  2. BTpedia searched by SearchBT, BT’s intranet search engine for most content (sadly not all yet, but we’ll get there!)
  3. Tag cloud of BTpedia articles
  4. Disclaimer for user generated content
  5. Help to anyone starting to use BTpedia
  6. Help to anyone contributing or creating an article in BTpedia
  7. An example of a BTpedia article (Help)
  8. Frequency of new articles created and most used articles.

I hope these encourage you to develop your intranet wikis.  Please let me know of any tricks I’m missing out on using that you have tried!

12 responses to “BTpedia – BT’s corporate wiki

  1. Angela Stormont

    It shows where social publishing really works. BTpedia replaced a site called 1001 Facts, which could no longer be maintained because no-one would own the whole thing – it was too much for one person, in time, effort & cost. By opening the publishing up to any person with useful knowledge, the social site has now surpassed the traditional one – and I suspect at a fraction of the cost.

    • Angela,

      It’s lovely to hear from you. 🙂

      Yes, it is a great example of using the power of social media tools to improve something for no/little cost. BTpedia has over 2,000 articles now.


  2. All very interesting to see!

    Is there a clear line drawn between content on the wiki and the rest of the intranet?

    I imagine there could be some overlap/confusion here. For example: if a staff member is looking for a specific answer, should they browse through the corporate intranet, or go to BTpedia?

    Cheers, James

    • James,

      Thanks. I’m looking forward to meeting you at your masterclass in London for the first time.

      There is a clear line in how the content looks with a different colour navigation bar to show what is factual, definitive content or emerging, developing thoughts and knowledge.

      BTpedia is part of our intranet. The BT Homepage and search engine links to all types of content – formal, personal (blogs), collaborative (wiki) – so it is embedded as an integral part of the BT Intranet as far as users are concerned not something different and kept in a corner.


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  4. Mark,
    I’m working on a proposal to establish a similar dictionary wiki at CN. I’m looking for some insight into the establishment of the BTpedia pages. We have particular challenges with governance and ownership of terms. Wondering if you might share experiences with us.

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